We won’t be taking very much about Scotch Whiskey. The distilling method used for Scotch is the Grand Daddy of Bourbon. There the similarity ends. Scotch is made from Barley. The water is peaty. Ageing is done in USED Bourbon or Sherry barrels. In the US, drinking Scotch is a social status thing.

A lot of us out there like to try different types of liquor every now and then, but there are lines in the sand that are tough to cross. One big one pits the national liquor of Scotland against America’s native spirit. Either you are a Scotch person or a Bourbon person, but rarely does someone like both equally, or consider them substitutes for each other.

This isn’t a case where patriotism always carries the day.When it comes to scotch vs. bourbon, the tastes are different enough that they simply aren’t great substitutes for each other. If you crave a smoky single-malt Scotch, you probably aren’t going to be thrilled to get a Maker’s Mark bourbon instead. Similarly, if what you’re looking for is the subtle sweetness of a great bourbon, Scotch isn’t going to please your palate. If you want to find out more on scotch vs. bourbon whiskey, follow this link. If you want to learn more on bourbon and whiskey, we got you covered.